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Customer Satisfaction

Assetlink is committed to providing a customer-focused environment that is open to feedback by our clients and customers. We recognise that all feedback provides us with an opportunity to enhance our service offering and customer satisfaction.

Our customer feedback management system provides accessible and fair complaint resolution for our customers. We understand that effective handling of all feedback enhances our reputation through transparency, and demonstrates that we are committed to improving our relationships and resolving any problems that may arise. Our management controls and processes ensure that all feedback about our services is managed in accordance with our Values and Signature Behaviours.

Assetlink has achieved certification to ISO 10002 international customer service standard which recognises our ability to deliver an exceptional standard of service.

Customer Satisfaction Certification

Assetlink is certified to the AS/NZS ISO 10002 standard and adheres to six monthly audits.

Click here to download Assetlink Complaints Management Policy (PDF 67.5KB)

Click here to view Assetlink ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate (PDF 117.1KB)

Safety Not Negotiable

At Assetlink, Safety is Not Negotiable.

This living ethos encapsulates Assetlink’s relentless commitment to safety and risk management practices. It is a bold statement, but this ethos is centred on the health and wellbeing of every single person in our extended family.

Assetlink is certified to the safety standard ISO45001and adheres to scheduled independent audits by TQCSI. A key focus to help in maintaining the standard is our learning management system with online access for all people.

The implementation of our safety management practices is assessed and maintained with regular, scheduled inspections and audits. Performance to national standards is achieved by setting of KPIs and targets are measured regularly.

Work Health and Safety Management Certification

Assetlink’s Safety – Not Negotiable commitment is supported by its Certification to ISO45001.

Click here to download Assetlink Work Health and Safety Policy (PDF 102.7KB)

Click here to view Assetlink ISO 45001 Safety Management System Certificate (PDF 140.6KB)

Asset Certified

As effective Asset management becomes increasingly more important to organisations and their stakeholders, Assetlink and AssetFuture strive to provide the benchmark in asset optimisation.

In order to meet the new Asset Management Systems standard, ISO 55001, Assetlink and AssetFuture met some 70 requirements pertaining to strength of Resources, Capabilities and Objectives.

Assetlink sought this certification based on our belief that independent verification is a demonstrable lever in achieving consistency; and ensuring quality in asset management and optimisation. The standard focuses on getting the maximum use and return from an asset while potentially lowering the overall cost of ownership or management.

Assetlink is certified to the ISO 55001 Asset Certification standard, and adheres to six monthly independent audits to ensure ongoing certification.

Asset Management Certification

Assetlink is certified to the ISO 55001 standard and adheres to six monthly audits to ensure ongoing certification.

Click here to download Assetlink Asset Management Policy (PDF 81.3KB)

Click here to view Assetlink ISO 55001 Asset Management System Certificate (PDF 125.2KB)

Quality Assured

Assetlink delivers industry leading facilities service, and at the heart our business is the quality of our people. They are customer-focused and committed to the highest standards. Our quality standards and reporting systems are also leading edge.

The Quality Management System includes:

  • Scheduled site inspections by the Site Manager and client representative
  • Self-assessment Audit Program to ensure our services have exceeded required standards of work over the previous month
  • Internal Audit Program involving random internal inspections by Senior Management to assess performance

Keen benchmarking is the key to achieving excellent site presentation standards and we implement KPIs to continually measure and monitor our service performance.

Assetlink is certified to the AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Standard, and adheres to six monthly independent audits to ensure ongoing certification.

Secure innovative technology, performance audits, risk management and OH&S compliance as well as sustainable environmental targets are fundamental to managing and maintaining clients’ assets to the their expectations.

Paul BAC

Quality Management Certification

Assetlink is certified to the AS/NZS ISO 9001 standard and adheres to six monthly audits to ensure ongoing certification.

Click here to download Assetlink Quality Policy (PDF 89KB) 

Click here to view Assetlink ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate (PDF 140.5KB)

Environmental Conscience

Everything is linked, on the planet, in life and in business.

Assetlink has long been committed to reducing our environmental footprint – which, in turn, has direct flow-on assisting in relieving our clients’ environmental footprint. We initiate systems and procedures to encourage and support environmentally sustainable practices at all levels.

To use just one sector as an example, Assetlink has developed a number of environmental management initiatives for our cleaning services, including:

  • 100% carbon off-set of vehicle emissions through Greenfleet partnership (planting of forest trees)
  • Energy efficiency – measuring and increasing the use of renewable sources
  • Waste minimization through Reuse & Recycle programs
  • Bio-degradable chemicals and micro-fibre technology

Assetlink meets the environmental management standard ISO14001 and adheres to six monthly audits to ensure ongoing certification.

commercial maintenance

Environmental Management Certification

Assetlink has successfully achieved certification to the ISO 14001 standard and adheres to six monthly audits to ensure ongoing certification.

Click here to download Assetlink Environmental Policy (PDF 100.7KB)

Click here to view Assetlink ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate (PDF 140.6KB) 

Social Responsibility

Our social responsibility is not just about our contribution to the community, we believe in recognising and contributing to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander governance nationally.

Working with indigenous Australians to build sustainable communities is paramount. Assetlink is dedicated to building our social responsibility with indigenous communities for now and the future.

Click here to download Assetlink Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy (PDF 139.7KB)

Click here to download Anti-Slavery Policy (PDF 149.6KB)


Whistleblower Procedure

At Assetlink, we are committed to the highest standards of conduct – both professional and personal which is at the heart of our culture and the foundation of our vision and success. Our shared responsibility in ensuring the highest legal and ethical standards is detailed in the company’s, ‘Code of Conduct’.

Everyone has a role to play in ensuring that Assetlink continues to operate to the highest standards of conduct. Therefore, this procedure is a key element in supporting a culture of ethical behaviour, accountability, strong corporate governance, effective compliance, and risk management. 

All organisations face the risk of things going wrong from time to time, or unknowingly harbouring unlawful or unethical conduct. A culture of openness, accountability and continuous improvement is essential to help prevent such situations occurring, and to promptly address them when they do occur. This includes reporting potential issues when they arise which is commonly referred to as whistleblowing. 

Assetlink Whistleblower Hotline (Toll Free by Telephone)

Within Australia: 1800 676 787

Outside Australia: +61 3 8393 3324

Click here to download full Whistleblower Procedure (PDF 172.5KB)

Supply Nation Member

As a Supply Nation Member, Assetlink is committed on a best endeavours basis to identify and or create business opportunities for Supply Nation Certified and Registered Indigenous businesses.

Intelligent Business

In keeping with Assetlink’s strategic vision, we have developed integrated and robust technological platforms that support our service delivery. Assetlink stays abreast of changes in leading technology, industry standards and best practice with robust industry leading business intelligence systems. By having these systems in place, we are able to maximise the support of our front line staff and provide our clients with high quality of work which benefits their customer.

Assetlink has achieved certification to ISO/IEC 27001. Our system incorporates:

Click here to download Assetlink Information Security Policy (PDF 89KB)

Click here to view Assetlink ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certificate (PDF 142.6KB)

Monitoring and Recording

Our intranet provides streamlined communication and contract information sharing for our people and clients. Through automated time and attendance system we are able to accurately monitor and manage the hours worked by each employee and support our safety not negotiable ethos through the monitoring of personnel on site. The use of electronic recording provides real time tracking to provide in-depth knowledge of staff whereabouts to effectively and safely deploy resources and monitor cycles.


Our automated QA System gives us the ability to complete site inspections with an iPad; results are completed and uploaded in real time. This tool has the capability to provide photos and an electronic signature for client sign off. This system provides assetlink standard and client customised:

  • Monthly Reporting
  • Incident Reporting
  • Management Reporting
  • Help Desk
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