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Meet Our Team

Meet our team

Our executive team brings a wealth of experience and expertise
from a variety of industries.

<span class="name">Aurora Fonte</span> <span class="title">Managing Director</span>
As a founding director of Assetlink, Aurora is instrumental in driving Assetlink’s growth and development into an integrated property services company that employs over 2,500 people across Australia. Aurora brings over 20 years of senior management experience to her role as Managing Director of Assetlink. In that time, she has worked with companies of all sizes across Australia.
<span class="name">Franco Fonte</span> <span class="title">Director</span>
Franco is responsible for the development of estimating strategy for all new Assetlink contracts and the brand recognition through public relations management. As a founding director of Assetlink, Franco brings more than 20 years’ experience in the facility services industry. Playing a significant role in Assetlink’s operations, Franco brings his wealth of knowledge of working with comparable companies and service requirements across all sectors.
<span class="name">Brad Watts</span> <span class="title">CEO<br>AssetProjects</span>
With over 30 years' experience in operational and strategic leadership, Brad Watts is a seasoned leader, building teams that deliver results for their customers. As CEO of AssetProjects Brad is responsible for ongoing strategic direction, growth and management of AssetProjects within existing and evolving market sectors. He oversees the development of strategic plans, and the implementation of operational plans to support the strategy. He leads and drives his team to success, whilst developing a strong compliance and safety culture, core to AssetProjects values.
Phillip Thomson
<span class="name">Phillip Thomson</span> <span class="title">Chief Operating Officer<br /></span>
Phillip, an accomplished Executive Leader, and COO at Assetlink, utilizes his extensive experience in CRE, Property, Facilities Management, and large-scale services to build robust relationships and foster inclusive leadership teams. His customer-centric approach and ability to drive transformative change deliver outstanding results. Over the years, Phillip played a vital role in the financial success of multinational organisations across diverse sectors like Government, Telecommunications, Mining/Oil and Gas, Financial Services, Corporate Real Estate, Healthcare, and Aged Care.
<span class="name">Tony Lee</span> <span class="title">Chief Financial Officer</span>
Tony provides strategic financial and commercial advice to the business. The Finance and Corporate Services department includes the following teams: Accounts and Payroll, Business Systems and Insurance. As a valuable member of Assetlink’s Leadership team, Tony has over 30 years’ experience working in a variety of executive roles in multinational, listed and private companies including leading international operations, start-ups, joint ventures and business restructures. Tony brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as Assetlink’s Chief Financial Officer.
<span class="name">Leeanne Gleed</span> <span class="title">GM</br>Operations ANZ</span>
As the General Manager Operations ANZ Leeanne Gleed leads the team in implementing strategic and scalable operational initiatives. A passionate member of Assetlink’s leadership team, Leanne is focused on continuous improvement and drives efficient, compliant, and validated service solutions, contributing to Assetlink's Future Ready approach and the successful achievement of strategic priorities.
Jube Lang
<span class="name">Jube Lang</span> <span class="title">GM <br /> Business Development and Client Relations</span>
Jube is responsible for the strategic and operational direction of the Assetlink Services business development functions including: sales and estimating, marketing and communications and CCRM management. Jube is an experienced and respected business leader who has held various senior roles in Accounting, Finance, Retail, Property, and Leasing in both the US and Australia.
Mark Guinea 03
<span class="name">Mark Guinea</span> <span class="title">GM</br> People and Culture</span>
Mark is a results-driven General Manager specialising in People and Culture Management. With a proven track record of implementing strategic initiatives, he has successfully enhanced organisational performance and fostered a culture of innovation and collaboration. Currently, as the General Manager: People and Culture he is responsible for overseeing all aspects of human resources, talent acquisition, employee development, and cultural transformation. By aligning our people strategies with the company's vision and values, I drive team member engagement, retention, and productivity while optimising the experience.
Elly Krommidas 600x600
<span class="name">Elly Krommidas</span> <span class="title">GM<br/> National Network Business</span>
Over 20 years’ experience and track record in transformation, leadership, strategy, sales, operations, marketing, and business development. Elly has held various executive and leadership positions giving her an extensive background in stakeholder engagement, risk and quality management, strategic procurement, innovation and technology driven performance improvement. Elly has a strong sense of social justice with significant involvement in reconciliation with Indigenous Australia, children with terminal conditions and active mentoring of disadvantaged youth and workers.
Craig Fennell
<span class="name">Craig Fennell</span> <span class="title">GM<br/>Assetlink Village Services</span>
Craig, with over 20 years in hospitality and 15+ years in onshore/offshore mining, is known for steering operations with precision and strategic foresight. He transforms challenges into opportunities, while consistently exceeds expectations and delivering results beyond expectation. Implementing innovative process enhancements result in quantifiable improvements. Through streamlining workflows, reducing operational costs, or championing safety initiatives, he ensures operational excellence is a constant reality, not just a goal.
<span class="name">Chris Dow</span> <span class="title">National Safety & <br>Risk Manager</span>
Chris is a Senior Safety Transformation Leader with 20+ years’ experience driving organisational safety agendas for high-risk, multinational businesses. Chris’ expertise is in the areas of Safety Management Systems, Contractor Management and Safety Training. Chris enhances the productivity and loyalty of large employee populations by improving learning quality and efficiency across diverse training themes and delivery methods, focusing on evolving technologies and trends, and embedding best-practice across the employee lifecycle.
Robert Gow
<span class="name">Robert Gow</span> <span class="title">Head of ICT</span>
Robert has 26 years of experience driving business value through Digital Transformation. He accelerates initiatives by fostering relationships with key stakeholders, aligning IT strategy with objectives, and implementing measurable technology roadmaps. As a leader at Assetlink, Robert is dedicated to driving IT direction, growth, and transformation in line with the company's strategy. His solutions focus on modernising technology, improving operational efficiencies, streamlining processes, and enhancing the technical capabilities of the IT team.
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