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World FM Day 2021

Posted 12 May 2021 by Vicky Shum

Celebrating FM:

Standing Tall Beyond the Pandemic

Initiated by Global FM, World FM Day is observed on 12th May every year. This year’s theme is “Standing Tall Beyond the Pandemic”.

“With a renewed importance being placed on human health and safety coupled with building sustainability and resilience, the facility manager today has been thrust into the center of the “Return To” conversation. This year’s World FM Day is special to me since celebrating the work of FM has never been so important to all peoples of this world. Happy World FM Day!” -  John Carrillo CFM, IFMA Fellow, Chairman, Global FM

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The year 2020 will always be remembered as the year when the world banded together to fight a global pandemic.

For us in the FM industry, it was the year that shone a light at the important role FM professionals play to ensure our surroundings remain clean and safe.

Supporting the incredible frontline healthcare professionals were our very own frontline cleaning team members from across the FM sector, working day and night with evolved facilities services to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in public places and within the community.

The fight is not over yet but there is hope as we continue to evolve and improve our safety practices. Today, we are able to ‘Stand Tall Beyond the Pandemic’ because of their relentless passion for safety and cleanliness.

Join us in celebrating all frontline FM professionals who always put others first.

To all the FM professionals, a big Thank You!

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