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Safety Update

Posted 12 Feb 2020 by Vicky Shum

Assetlink Response to Coronavirus Disease


Today, the World Health Organization announced the official name for the Coronavirus Disease: COVID-19. With the coronavirus outbreak declared a global health emergency, new information is discovered and released at a rapid pace. As an integrated services provider with the vision to provide safe workplaces so our team members can go home uninjured at the end of every day, it is our imperative duty at Assetlink to first ensure the safety of our teams on the frontline and our communities.

Our response

For the past few weeks, Assetlink have worked relentlessly with State and Federal Health departments to understand the requirements of employers and define actions that ensure the health of everyone. Assetlink have also reached out to our clients and aligned with their risk strategies to ensure we are consistent in our approach; as well as actioned:

  • Communication packs for all team members which have been distributed
  • Information teleconference sessions with our sites detailing actions, answering questions and clarifying Assetlink’s response
  • Training conducted at various sites by Chemform (Assetlink’s chemical partner) regarding the safe use of specific chemicals
  • Alternative safe chemicals ordered and provided to all high-risk sites with additional PPE
  • Sanitizers & dispensers installed at select sites, in consultation with client requirements
  • Additional facemasks sourced to select sites
  • Identifying team members who have travelled (or are still in China) to self-isolate. Special leave allowances created to prevent financial impact.

What we can all do:

Being mindful about preventative measures is critical with any disease or virus on the rise. Some useful resources from the World Health Organization to read up on:

Click here for Coronavirus Q&A

Click here for Free online course

Click here for Basic protective measures

Lastly, Assetlink would like to acknowledge and thank all our team members on the frontline for their relentless hard work and their ongoing efforts for community care and individual safety; as well as doctors, volunteers, donors, and communities around the world working day in and day out to help those affected.

Be safe and stay vigilant.

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