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Safety and Security, Our Priority

Posted 04 Jun 2020 by Vicky Shum

security above and beyond 

The COVID-19 lockdown undoubtedly affected us all, causing our sites to operate at a significantly reduced capacity as a result of drastically reduced foot traffic. Aware that lesser foot traffic posed a high risk for security incidents, the Assetlink security leadership team developed and conducted Security Penetration Audits across a number of our clients’ assets, as part of our overall Site Vulnerability Assessments.

The exercise

With a view to combat complacency, minimise potential criminal incidents, enforce maximum security especially during these vulnerable times, the audits involved the Assetlink security team attempting to access sites outside of trading hours as well as assessing the sites after hours lockdown procedures and overall security resilience by: 

  • Planning and confirming site penetration audit schedules  

  • Initiating an unscheduled attempt to enter the premises after-hours by a variety of means and access points 

  • Assessing the security readiness of our teams during and after the lockdown of the centre 

  • Including these audits as part of our overall Site Vulnerability Assessments based on the Australian Government’s Protecting Crowded Places security guidelines 


Despite the unplanned nature of the exercise, our highly vigilant security teams and in some cases, non-security team members responded promptly and proficiently. While many of us had the opportunity of safely working from home, our security team members: 

  • Remain vigilant 
  • Diligently patrol and monitor the sites 
  • Ensure social distancing is maintained, managing queues and social order 
  • Keep tenancies safe and secure 
  • Assist our customers and clients 

Safety. Security. Service.  

Assetlink’s security teams across Australia & New Zealand are committed as ever to providing essential frontline support to our clients, their teams and customers. In addition to the comprehensive penetration audits, we have also: 

  • Implemented and trained all security team members on social distancing procedures   
  • Safely deployed additional team members to meet peak and demand requirements 

Wherever you are, we are here to help and look forward to supporting your re-opening journey. Please reach out at if you’d like to:  

  • Find out more about our security services  
  • Schedule a Site Vulnerability Assessment  
  • Organise an after-hours penetration test  
  • Check compliance concerns and security practices. 

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