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Assetlink Village Management Services

Posted 17 Feb 2021 by Vicky Shum

About Assetlink Village Management Services

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About us 

Assetlink, an experienced facilities management company, now provide a full village management services to the Mining Industry. This includes catering, accommodation management, housekeeping, tavern, retail, waste, grounds, maintenance, crib site cleaning and transportation.  

Our village management services for mining are currently based in WA. Our first full contract in the Pilbara commenced in September 2020. With a sleek mobilisation and transition plan, we welcomed new team members and Client into the Assetlink family. Our purpose: to make a real and lasting difference to the industry.  

With the “new normal”, Assetlink have adapted to providing additional services: infection control, hygiene management and health and wellbeing of our team members onsite. We are focused on the safe delivery of outstanding village services.   

Our role at Assetlink, is to partner with mining companies to build trust, to conduct open and honest business transactions, to secure the best available talent, work hard to keep them safe and motivated to deliver great food and customer service every day.

What sets us apart 

We take a tailored approach and build bespoke service solutions to meet our clients’ needs, truly understand the value of partnership, and provide service excellence to the village and utmost care to our team members with safety at the core.   

As a service provider, Assetlink focuses on safety as key priority ensuring all incidents are reported, all team members trained and support in their role. We ensure our values and objectives are aligned so we work in partnership with our clients to achieve outstanding results on mine sites.   

We focus on our team and provide friendly, helpful customer service delivered with a smile; fresh, modern and traditional foods, cooked with passion and presented with care; clean and well-presented accommodation and above all, a willingness to work together with our clients - aspiring to deliver win/win outcomes. 

Click here to download Assetlink Village Management Capability Statement


Our core values

  • Safety – Safety is Not Negotiable 
  • It’s About You – We are committed to our team’s wellbeing and enriching village experiences 
With a central focus on 
  • Team wellbeing, positive culture, retention and career development 
  • Indigenous and Community focus and engagement 
Our services 
  • Catering 
  • Housekeeping 
  • Industrial cleaning 
  • Retail and Tavern 
  • Accommodation management 
  • Grounds and gardens  
  • Waste and recycling 
  • Maintenance 
Our Team

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