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R U really OK?

Posted 01 Oct 2021 by Vicky Shum

A Month of Mental Health, Safety and Service   

How important is mental health? 

Extremely. Absolutely. Without a doubt! These are just a few examples of the Assetlink family’s response when it comes to raising mental health awareness. And there is no two ways about it. 

At Assetlink, we have a tradition. In addition to upholding our values all year round, we also dedicate a full month for important observances such as R U OK Day. In honouring the purpose and idea behind RUOK, our teams across Australia and New Zealand engaged in raw and real conversations throughout September. 


In addition, by sharing with us how they felt after their conversation, our teams showed that there is tremendous power in just four simple letters - R U OK. Inspired by our ‘RUOK Champions’ and in honour of their commitment towards care and compassion, this year Assetlink are also giving back to the wider community by donating directly to RUOK. 

A big Thank You to the Assetlink team who continue to make us feel positive and undeterred through the ongoing COVID pandemic, and for setting a great example as champions of safety and service not only within Assetlink community but in the FM industry.

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