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GPT People First Awards 2015

Posted 09 Dec 2015 by Nick Hobbs

On Monday, the 7th of December the second GPT People First Awards took place at Sydney’s prestigious Museum of Contemporary Arts. 

The annual GPT People First Awards acknowledge the importance of a strong, dedicated team by recognising efforts of individuals and teams. We are extremely pleased to announce that Assetlink took out two awards at the event!


Ismail Yilmaz, Guest Services Manager at Melbourne Central & Tower 

Winner of the “Can Do” Award for the individual award for a team player consistently demonstrating proactivity and positivity who is solutions focused.
"This was a secret nomination as Ismail would never let us (the team at Melbourne Central) recognise him for anything, always preferring to recognise what he considers the far more deserving members of his team… This isn’t about one story, to choose just one would be impossible!
Ismail is the poster child for the “Can Do” and has worked tirelessly with his team nurturing and empowering a solution driven culture that produces a great team experience at Melbourne Central. Nothing is impossible, be it 24 days’ notice or 24 minutes same response “we can do”!
He will always seeks a solution for guests, his team or the GPT team.  I never ceased to be amazed at what Ismail can achieve; there is an endless supply of rabbits in his hat!!  Ismail has never accepted an award at centre level always preferring to recognise the efforts of his team.
I am so incredibly proud to have him heading up my GEM’s.”
Kelly Mann, Guest Experience Manager, Melbourne Central

Chirnside Park Team 

The "Effective" Award in the category of a team award for Multiple Acts demonstrating consistent results across the entire team.
"The entire GEM team (at Chirnside Park) are an absolute pleasure to work with.  The numerous and consecutive 5 Star Ratings the team receives is a testament to their dedication and commitment in achieving the highest standard.  What really makes the team shine is their collaborative, genuine and passionate approach.  The team is so well received by guests they’ve wanted to offer our GEM’s tips for such excellent service as well as taking the time to send through numerous thank-you cards and letters to show their appreciation. 
It’s this feedback we receive that truly demonstrates the team’s People First culture, upholding our guest focus and always being ready, willing and able to assist in any way.  The highlight of the team approach is the cohesion across all disciplines.  The entire team takes great pride in everything they achieve with our guests benefiting by having a warm, friendly, inviting and personal experience when visiting Chirnside Park."
Nathan Hughes, Operations Manager and Cameron Tynan, Centre Manager Chirnside Park
We congratulate all of our GEMs for their commitment and hard work in the last 12 months and particularly to those who have been acknowledged during these awards.


Attending from Chirnside were, Dimphy Van Beek, Daryl Croft, Michael Parker, Ken Williams, Marcus Nokela, and Ian Martin.

Attending from Melbourne Central: Diana Perez, (Kelly Mann - GPT Guest Experience Manager), Ismail Yilmaz, Emanuel Zervas, Daniel Hebic and Neda Lukic.

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