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Driving Innovation in Facilities Management with our partner Avidbots

Posted 22 Nov 2021 by Vicky Shum

Consistent and high-quality autonomous 

floor cleaning   


Believe it or not, by the end of November 2021, Assetlink will have cleaned 30 MILLION! square metres fully autonomously.

With our innovation partner and industry leader in technology, Avidbots, Assetlink manages the most optimised and successful fleet of Avidbots Neo globally today.

Our partnership with Avidbots took off in 2018, introducing fully autonomous cleaning throughout our retail and aviation portfolio in Australia.

“With ongoing continuous improvement initiatives and a deep collaboration with Avidbots, Assetlink has developed the most optimised fleet of Avidbots Neos compared to all other Avidbots cleaning service provider customers globally.” – Avidbots.

Read all about Avidbot’s leadership in innovation and how we are taking automation to the next level together, as featured on INCLEAN Magazine.

A big thank you to Avidbots for their partnership and the opportunity to make a difference to the facilities management industry, one million square metres at a time.

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