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Erina Fair

Erina Fair

Quality integrated services provides safe results

High risks provides challenge

Erina Fair is the largest shopping centre in the Central Coast of NSW with over 330 stores. The centre was built in 1987 and has undergone several transformations and redevelopments. As the largest shopping Centre in the Central Coast, Erina experiences high volumes of traffic with more than 12 million customers passing through the centre a year.

Erina Fair identified that such numbers increased the risks associated with public liability and the wellbeing of the members of the local community.

Centre Management engaged Assetlink to identify possible risks associated to the safety of their customers and to provide strategies to manage and minimise these risks.

Collaboration assists in reducing risk management

Assetlink built a strong knowledgeable team with shopping centre experience across all services onsite – cleaning, security, customer service, maintenance and landscaping. This team collaborated with Centre Management to facilitate workshops with industry advisors and the risk management team to set clear objectives for the management of public liability. Objectives include:

Identify public liability exposure

expand the centre’s risk control program and staff awareness of public liability issues

reduce cost of risk at a centre, local and national level

identify weather patterns that may increase risk and put procedures in place to reduce these risk sidentify areas within the Centre that have higher amount of incidents and take measures to reduce risk

By identifying areas of risk in the centre, Assetlink and Erina Fair centre management were able to analyse all risk management issues across all services and put solutions in place.

From the research and analysis of results Assetlink put forward recommendations. These included

  • to put in place risk audits across the shopping centre and to monitor and review of public liability reports.
  • New efficiencies were recommended for cleaning teams incorporating better maintenance of high risk areas.
  • During particular periods of the day or when weather could impede on the safety of customers, security is heightened in particular areas.

Quality integrated services provides safe results

Assetlink’s appointment delivered an integrated service model to Erina Fair, providing a cohesive, proactive team who work 'As One'. This has led to significant reductions in public liability claims over the first 12 months including:

  • 18.6% reduction in slip and fall incidents and
  • 37.5% reduction in slip and fall incidents occurring due to ‘foodstuff’

Linking people places and processes

By bringing people on board who understood retail and able to work with Erina Fair centre management, Assetlink is able to provide integrated services through proactive processes and providing a safer environment for Erina Fair’s staff and customers.

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