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Blue Care

Blue Care

New Assets Integration

Integrating new assets into a portfolio

Blue Care recently underwent a consolidation of various new assets from another aged care provider. Part of this task involved identifying and labelling all these assets, then conducting a detailed condition assessment to understand and quantify the associated maintenance backlog and determine any upgrades required to keep the buildings compliant and operational. Blue care needed to:

  • determine if the various facilities were fit for purpose
  • develop both a short and medium term works program
  • develop cash flow forecasts
  • develop a 5 year maintenance plan
  • have location referenced GPS photographic references

Tailored solutions for better forecasting

Blue Care engaged Assetlink to carry out a detailed building condition assessment across 56 sites including a range of RAC and RET facilities throughout QLD. Through working closely with the client, Assetlink was able to clearly understand the requirements and restructured a number of standard financial and budget forecasting and modelling reports to meet the particular requirements of Blue Care with reference to their risk management activities.

Assetlink provided a team of 20 people comprising managers, supervisors and condition assessors. The team completed the condition assessments over 3 months moving from region to region. As Blue Care’s asset management and properties group became more familiar with the information collected, they identified ways it could be used to assist them in their maintenance planning and decision-making processes.

Providing better scheduling options

By working closely with Blue Care asset managers and understanding their requirements, Assetlink was able to provide additional financial modelling and prioritising of maintenance tasks allowing both financial managers and operations staff to work from common information. The key benefit to Blue Care is that they can now utilise the full benefit of the data collected by being able to schedule, track and forecast work using this information through their existing maintenance management programs.

Linking People, Places & Processes

By listening to Blue Care, Assetlink was able to bring together an experienced team that understands aged care. The team developed tailored processes to:

  • identify facilities and create labelled registers
  • organise floor plans and site plans
  • record all conditions and maintenance tasks required
  • align financial and operational planning
  • plan their maintenance with a 5 year time frame and
  • better understand their cash flows to provide better facilities for patients and residents.
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